Khurram Niazi Group

Khurram Niazi Group (KNG) is a diversified conglomerate with a number thriving business divisions across the worldwide. The divisions span logistics and distribution, transport, exporting, financial investments, venture capitalism, and real estate industries.

Over the years, the group has experienced phenomenal growth through its deep commitment to deliver excellent services to the customers, stakeholders and employees. The group's core focus has been to keep customers, stakeholders and employees at the heart of everything they do.


Since its founding, logistics and transport as its core business, KNG is a story of transforming challenges into opportunities led by exemplary leadership. Focusing on strategic business model of innovation and customer service, KNG pioneered in this sector and has become a household name in the region in which it operates. As the time went on, the group embarked on new business divisions and has maintained booming market share and efficient returns on investments.

True to its philosophy, KNG's innovation and operational excellence has been coupled with sustainable growth which has won accolades and recognition from different quarters. KNG is certified with ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System for maintaining high standards of reliability and quality in meeting customers' requirements.

Aside generating growth and opportunities, the group is committed to the communities where they live and operate to be environmentally and socially responsible.

Towards a new future

The group will continue to evolve in the quest for excellence with interest in an expanding global presence and building a network of operations, joint ventures and alliances, while adhering to its core values and sustainability commitments.

Our Values

At KNG our core values are ingrained into our work culture which guides our business operations.

  • Integrity and Trust
  • Leadership and Innovation
  • Growth and Teamwork
  • Health and Safety


Mission Statement

The Rais Hassan Saadi Group is dedicated to building long-term relationships with our customers and associates and a commitment through our various services to providing consistent, reliable and cost-effective solutions for meeting customer needs and service satisfaction.

Vision Statement

We recognize company and personal growth as a strategic goal of the organization, both organic and through joint ventures and alliances. To achieve this, we will strive to be an effective, progressive organization providing world class services for maximum customer value and satisfaction.

  • RHS was founded in 1910 and ranks amongst the leading commercial enterprises in Dubai.
  • Since inception, the core business has been shipping and freight related services.
  • Excellent network of own offices & sub agents in the major UAE ports, Gulf countries & India.
  • First Logistics Company appointed for CHINA PAKISTAN ECONOMIC CORRIDOR (CPEC) under “ONE BELT ONE ROAD” vendor to the world largest Solar Park in Pakistan.
  • First company to become a part of the pilot trade cargo commercial activity from Gawadar port under (CPEC) China Pakistan Economic Corridor “One Belt One Road”
  • First Company to export over 150 ISO tanks in a month in Pakistan
  • First Empty Depot to handle 366000 TUES in a year in Pakistan.
  • First company to establish ISO TANK/TANKER cleaning Depot in Pakistan
  • First Company to establish Truck Queue Management Software at Port Gates in Pakistan

Khurram Niazi Group with a portfolio of diversified Services is keen to develop and provide healthy environment to the members of our society.


One primary focus of corporate social responsibility is the environment.
We are recycling 100% of our office paper by developing an environmentally preferable purchasing policy.
We put all efforts to minimize and find appropriate techniques to dispose of waste and impurities that are produced through the use of our products, and at every stage of the life cycle of these products.
We are concerned about human health and global environment thus we are putting efforts to take the necessary measures as a member of company and society.


KNG also practices its social responsibility by donating to national and local charities. Whether it involves giving money or time we use our maximum resources that can benefit charities and local community programs.
We believe in taking responsibility of developing young human minds in our nearby vicinity where a Govt. schools that exists in a non-privileged social and cultural part of Karachi. Our CSR program covers one of the school which is providing educational support to 300 Girls.
KNG is actively sponsoring educational events that are helpful in children’s mind, health and social development. We have been actively sponsoring Karachi Boat Club- REGATTA events for local & International students.

Ethical labor practices

KNG has always focused on treating employees fairly and ethically, compliance and adherence of Labor Laws defined in Pakistan. We highly discourage Child Labor / Forced labor/ providing benefits of over time / legally mandated benefits comply with local applicable laws.